It. Draws. A. Red. Box.. but Fans call it #IDARB!

This crowd-sourced, 2D sport-platformer has launched on Xbox One to fan and reviewer acclaim alike!

Immerse yourself as a powerful Kaiju in the ultimate giant monster experience, developed exclusively for the Myo armband

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Other Ocean is looking for talented programmers and IT specalists to join our team.   Please see job descriptions below and apply today!

Senior Programmer

Back-End Developer

Strap on in, the apocalypse is now here for Android!

RAD Boarding is action packed and adrenaline fuelled; properly timing your in-air tricks can literally mean the... Read More..

Tax Credit will Help Grow Province’s Games Industry, Says Industry Association.


St. John’s, NL, October 15, 2014 --The Newfoundland and Labrador Interactive... Read More..

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